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Mid-Year Status Update…2018 Reading List

Well, it’s almost halfway through the calendar year and I thought it was time to do a quick status update on my reading list. 2018 started off strong but around April/May things dropped off for progress, but I consciously tried… Continue Reading →

What’s Baking – Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

Looking for an alternate way to eat oatmeal and blueberries? I found this recipe from runningwithspoons.comĀ and this one stood out because it used Greek yogurt instead of oil, and used honey instead of sugar. The end result, a deliciously moist… Continue Reading →

Reading List for 2018

Welp. It’s a start of a new year and it’s time to stare down my book backlog (again). Here’s where I am at the moment and what I aspire to get done for 2018. Partway through: Thinking, Fast and Slow… Continue Reading →

Crafty resolutions

I love to sew things. I’ve always been an opportunistic fabrics buyer when sales are on rather than buying when I have a mind to start a project. I like to think of the possibilities of the things I can… Continue Reading →

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