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Productivity and Organization, 2014 Edition

Productivity and organization are two areas I’ve always been interested in, for work and at home. Why? I belong to the school of “what can I do to minimize my time from doing one-off custom work and make sure it… Continue Reading →

Not-so-lazy Sunday

People say Sundays are for rest. I’ve had many a Sunday where I’ve done just that. Although it’s nice to curl up with a good book, or be contemplative, meditative, or heck, even vegetative for a couple of hours, there’s only so many of those types of Sundays I can have before I end up having a Sunday that’s just action packed from dawn to dusk of to-do items—things I can’t put off any longer or decided to get a jump on for the following week.

Decluttering your desk

Found a fantastic do-it-yourself method of hiding all your peripherals and cords on your desk by fastening them under your desk, out of sight with a sheet of pegboard, some screws, and some wires. Personally, the only thing I’d tweak… Continue Reading →

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