Home productivity, when you don’t have much space…

I’ve been looking for a portable laptop table for a while, and managed to pick up this DAVE laptop table from IKEA on the weekend.

Assembly was painless, took 5 minutes. Only downside once I tested it out was the table top was a little wobbly. I found out there was a small gap between the bracket that’s mounted under the tabletop and the steel tubing that comprises the stand and supports the tabletop. Had to run out to the local hardware store to get some thin rubber washers to compensate for the gap, and now the tabletop’s solid.

Other than that, the table is fantastic. Large enough to hold my monster Dell XPS M170 laptop and a mousepad. Has a small hole at the top (i.e. back) of the table for cords. There’s a lever under the table that enables you to tilt the tabletop towards yourself a bit or reset it to be flat. And the stand is also height adjustable. A very nice, portable solution, considering the den I have is mostly used for books and storage right now. 🙂

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