*Throws the switch on…sort of…* :)

Orange Light Wall
Creative Commons License photo credit: Michele Catania

Looks a bit different around here doesn’t it? 🙂 It’s a step up from the default Kubrick WordPress theme.

It’s also the answer to a question I’ve been asking myself the past month—should I go out and get a pre-made WordPress theme or go for broke and build one from scratch? After thinking about the pros and cons, and how much spare time I was going to be having in the next little while, I settled for a hybrid solution. I went out and got a pre-made blog theme called Thesis, from diythemes.com. Something that can run “right out of the box”, that looks good by default, that offers a lot of customizable options, and yet still give me room for some PHP hacking and some CSS tweaking.

It’s one of several steps that I’m taking to get this blog to where I’d like it to be. As clean and minimalist the blog looks now, it’ll be changing again soon, hopefully to a more colorful palette. So stay tuned!

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