P90X – Before and after photos

All right…here are the before and after pictures…not posting them all but just a couple…

Go ahead, laugh at my before pictures. You can tell I was pretty skeptical of the whole “taking the before” thing to do. Could I roll my eyes up any further even in side profile? Answer: Yes! Lol.

But honestly, I did not expect to see as much progress as I did. The most dramatic area for change was in the upper torso. Didn’t see as much from the hips to knees but that’s always been a stubborn zone to work on. Not giving up and am hoping to see continued progress doing a second round of P90X.

I hope this will help inspire some of you to try out P90X or any other exercise/nutrition regimen. Take that first step, commit and you will not be disappointed!

P90X round 1 front profile

P90X round 1 side profile

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