Fitness Update

View of a calender in weekly format
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Judging from the noticeable gaps between posts on this site my being conscientious about fitness has largely been confined to logging updates to twitter and the usual social media places.


I started this program back in January. To be honest, I got as far as day 60-something (2/3 of the way in) and then something would happen, usually work, and then I’d be off for a few weeks then restart again.

The program is great. The problem is I need to schedule the time to do it and it’s tough going through the same phase 1 workouts over and over. And that turned into monotony.

Swimming and Running

Have tried to get back into the swim and run groove. Aiming to go once a week swimming and running gingerly around the track for 3 to 4K in the hopes my IT bands and hips are going to hold up. So far so good.


Started this back in late August and I have to say, it is a lot of fun. Have been going 3 times a week at the brother in law’s dojo and have been learning all kinds of kicks and punches and groundwork with a dash of weight training added in.


I bought a stationary bike stand in the hopes I can log more time on the bike in crappy weather indoors or on the patio. It’s assembled, and have been on the bike indoors twice to date. So far so good.

Looking forward to getting back into the thick of things soon.

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