Fitness accountability – September 16th-29th, 2012

Photo by Jenn Vargas, available under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) license.

For the week of September 9th-15th:

      Sunday, September 16th – 6.9K run, drop-in with the Running Room in south Burnaby
      Monday, September 17th – Blissology DVD Monday All-Around full yoga workout (45 min)
      Tuesday, September 18th – Blissology DVD Tuesday Front Body full yoga workout (55 min)
      Wednesday, September 19th – Blissology DVD Wednesday Side Body full yoga workout (43 min) and 5.5K run, flat terrain
      Thursday, September 20th – Day off
      Friday, September 21st – Blissology DVD Thursday Restorative full yoga workout (43 min)
      Saturday, September 22nd – Blissology DVD Friday Strength and Stretch full yoga workout (45 min)

For the week of September 23rd-29th

      Sunday, September 23rd – 6.5K run, drop-in with the Running Room in south Burnaby. Also did the Saturday Blissology DVD Saturday Metta Yoga and Meditation full workout (27 min)
      Monday, September 24th – P90X2 Recovery and Mobility done. Did it because I was sore from the Sunday run.
      Tuesday, September 25th – Monday Blissology full yoga workout done
      Wednesday, September 26th – P90X2 Balance and Power done in the morning and then 4.9K run in the evening
      Thursday, September 27th – Tuesday Blissology full yoga workout
      Friday, September 28th – Friday Blissology full yoga workout
      Saturday, September 29th – Walked around the downtown/Gastown/Granville/West End area over the course of several hours with stops for a beer here and there. Not really a workout per se but probably burned a couple calories walking.


    Still a work in progress. Was not terribly good for sticking to nutrition especially as evidenced in my September 29th post but those days are much, much fewer than they once were. Thinking of getting back to more protein and less carbs so I don’t eel as hungry between meals during weekdays. I still have healthy snacks in between meals but still feel hungry afterwards.

    The Week Ahead

    Managed to stick to 5+ workouts each week the last 2 weeks. Looking to continue the trend the upcoming week. Will need to have to come in early one day of the week for a client call so I will need to plan ahead and do a shorter workout that day.

    Have now tried Eoin Finn’s Blissology DVD yoga set. The yoga is vinyasa-based so there is a lot of overlap with the moves as seen in the P90X and P90X2 yoga workouts, obviously presented with a slightly different flow. There is also modified moves but the advanced moves are crazy hard. Something to aspire to and improve on every week. The toughest workouts in my mind were the Monday (All Around) and especially the Friday (Strength and Stretch). The vibe that Eoin Finn exudes is a laid back, west-coast surfer dude spiritual style. Me, the one thing I like is the Indonesian scenery in the background. Very beautiful and peaceful.

    Post is now done…just now need to remind myself to carve out about 15 minutes every Sunday to keep doing this!

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