What’s Crafting – Thread Spool Holder/Stand

Blame Pinterest and a storage problem with spools of thread all thrown into a small, overstuffed fishing tackle box of all my sewing tools and knick knacks. I’ve seen a few Pinterest pins where there were these pegboards with dowels in the pegboard holes or wall-mounted wood racks with dowels…both setups had spools of thread mounted on them.

Inspired by this and about $10-12 of materials from Micheals–a small wooden board and a pack of small wood cubes with pre-drilled holes and some dowels…I ended up making a small rack that allowed me to put all the spools of thread in one spot. It also helped me free up some needed space in the fishing tackle box.

I’ve since bought another pack of wood cubes and dowels and applied the same treatment to the other side of the board for bobbins. I have some small clothespins and likely will clamp on the ends of the dowels to make sure the bobbins don’t slide off.

The gallery below shows the evolution of the thread spool holder/stand.


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