2021 Crafting Endeavors – Outputs and Insights

Hey y’all. So here’s my semi-regular, semi-yearly-bi-yearly post on the things I’ve made, but with a bit more about the “big picture” of the why.

The Outputs

This year’s crafting output has been a little all over the place. Crocheted items dominated the first half of this year via blankets, a cat couch and grocery net bags. Then sewing made a strong comeback in the fall through busting through the fabric stash to make masks, and to complete the new year, back to crocheting squares to eventually sew up for lap-sized blankets.

Making a late charge to all this is my taking the time to learn how to craft on the digital front, via futzing around with YouTube and Domestika tutorials on using the Cricut Maker, learning to hand-letter, using AESprite for pixel art and Procreate for drawing.

Do I have a full plate on the crafting front? You betcha!

The Insights

So…what’s my ultimate goal of creating and learning all this to date? I have long wanted to scratch a creative maker itch to be able to sell things online at some point in the future.

In the throes of learning now and the one realization I have is…there’s a lot to ancillary skills and applications to pick up, to overthink things, and it’s very easy to fall that rabbit hole of learning the theory of things, but not doing the things. You gotta do the things to know if the things actually work and adjusting as you go.

I’ll look to document a bit more regularly here on how those learnings are coming along. Stay tuned!

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