Crafty resolutions

I love to sew things. I’ve always been an opportunistic fabrics buyer when sales are on rather than buying when I have a mind to start a project. I like to think of the possibilities of the things I can make when looking at a stash of fabrics. But, unfortunately, that’s gotten me in a state of analysis paralysis the past 5 to 6 years and it’s only made my stash get larger and larger.

The breaking point came in the late summer when in a cleaning fit I stared at an overflowing shelf and 3 garbage bags’ full of fabric and interfacing–and it had to be made into something. I paid for all this, damned if I don’t make something with it!

Since then, I’m down 2 garbage bags and have produced:

  • 20+ tote bags
  • 40+ wine bags
  • 15+ triangle zip pouches
  • 10 zipper pouches
  • a half dozen fabric boxes
  • a duffel bag set with 2 matching zipper pouches
  • 3 animal shaped laundry bags

So what is up for 2018? A promise to myself to finish going through the rest of the stash before I buy new fabric. At this point I’m looking to find projects that will utilize as much fabric as possible that is not too time consuming to cut out and sew…so…tote bags and fabric boxes will be my go-to projects, balanced with a few quilt tops from fabric scraps.

Some examples of what I’ve produced below in the past few months:

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