Still Alive in 2020. That Counts for Something, Right?

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

This blog’s been updated periodically, and sometimes not at all for stretches in the 10-15 years I’ve had this blog. Normally the daily grind is not really worth sharing because the effort to blog it is way less than using other social media apps. But, given this first half of 2020 has been a weird year, to put it mildly, and we’re at the equivalent of half-time, 34 points down with who knows what else is in store, this is worth the effort to post.

The recap so far:

  • 3 months working from home, which has been a huge adjustment because I’m a crusty old fart who needs a physical and mental separation from home and work by having those be 2 very different spaces. But, at least I can say I’ve improved my coffee-making skills considerably…
  • Burning through my craft supplies (fabric, yarn, cross-stitch) to channel the anxiety and stress I’ve been feeling. News flash…the fabric stash is getting busted (at last)
  • Avoiding as much social media as possible. For all the good things social media has to offer, it’s a virtual dumpster fire more than usual and that’s a big Nope from me
  • Getting out of and starting to get back into shape. Food delivery apps have made it a bit too convenient and the couch has become too comfortable sitting on it most evenings when summer is just starting to kick into gear

That’s it. Nothing else to report other than at least in this part of the world, things are slowly getting back to (a new) normal. I’ll do my part to try and socially distance, just hoping everyone else will do theirs. We’ll see…

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