Summer-Winter 2020 Crafting Endeavors

For obvious reasons, because, 2020…I got a lot of quality crafting time in the last half of this year. Let’s catch up with what’s been going on of late…

What I was able to get done on the sewing front was quickly competing with my newfound hobby of crocheting I picked up this late spring…the closet space I freed up was getting replaced by yarn. At least with crochet, yarn skeins may take up storage space initially but it transforms very quickly into finished projects. Problem is, my backlog of crochet projects is starting to get long as my sewing projects.

So long as my yarn acquisition rate is being outpaced by my output and I am able to give away or gift my projects, I should be making some small gains in clearing closet space…

Here are my top 10 items I made this year in the gallery below. I’m going to devote a few more posts over the next few weeks to delve a bit more into the approach to each project, and lessons learned.

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