What’s Baking – Foccacia

Decided since I had a few days off around Christmas this year to try my hand at some baking and decided I would try and tackle foccacia.

My all-time favorite foccacia I’ve ever had is from a restaurant in Victoria called Pagliacci’s and after some Googling I found a recipe from ameliaandaleon.wordpress.com and gave it a shot.

I followed the recipe to the letter and the only thing I deviated was 1) used kosher salt, 2) extended the bake time for 25 minutes instead of 20. For a first try, it wasn’t a bad try at all. It was a little fluffier and thicker than the Pagliacci’s version but definitely a respectable first attempt.

Next time: 1) I’ll need to get a bigger baking sheet and stretch it out a bit more thinly and 2) use fresh rosemary instead of dried rosemary.

Some pictures of the foccacia in progress are below. Enjoy!

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